Yet another “help me out” post…

My cat walked all over my keyboard and now my font is huge and I have no idea what he pressed to do this! How do I put my font back to normal?

I tried going to Tools, then Options, then changing the default font size from 16 to 12 but that didn’t do anything so I put it back to 16.

My computer looks ridiculous. Like I’m blind or something. Bad pumpkin. >:-[

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  1. aka_eve says:

    Right click on your Desktop > Properties > Appearance tab > select Font size Normal from drop-down menu. Click Apply. Click Ok.

    • Erin says:

      I actually rebooted it and it’s fine, but just to see if that worked, I right-clicked, then hit properties, and all I got was a popup box. But luckily the reboot worked!

      • aka_eve says:

        Glad it’s back to normal. 🙂 For future, the Appearance tab is located the “popup box” called ‘Display Properties’ – it’s where you change your settings, screen saver, desktop, etc.

        • Erin says:

          For me, the only way I can get there is to go through the control panel. When I right-click, all I get is the popup box that says, “Element Properties” and says that the text language is English. No tabs or nothing. 🙁 Do you run a PC with XP, or do you have a Mac?

          • arwenoid says:

            You should definitely be able to change that by right clicking and going into Properties. You have the weird. 🙂 “Element Properties” isn’t standard on Windows (may be related to a video card or something else like that.)

            But the control panel is another way to get there.

          • Erin says:

            I don’t like having the weird! Why is it weird??? Bad computer!

          • aka_eve says:

            We’ve got a PC with XP. Are you sure when you right click on your desktop (make sure you don’t click on an icon) you don’t get the Display Properties window?

          • aka_eve says:

            When you log in, are you the Administrator (or have Admin status) on your computer?

          • Erin says:

            Yes. And yes. I don’t have any icons on my desktop (I’m a neat freak). And I’m the only person who uses the computer so I am the only administrator.

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