In my four years of going to martial arts, I have never forgotten my belt, until today. Which wouldn’t have been that big a deal, since everyone forgets their belt at least once, but today was our belt change ceremony. I was standing at the front with Sensei, two black belts and another brown belt, and I felt naked wearing just my gi. Plus it meant that Sensei didn’t get to take my belt off and give it some energy. I wasn’t changing belts – I’m still a brown belt first kyu and there is no outward change for now being “on target” but it’s always nice to get some Sensei energy in my belt.

It’s a great feeling during belt change, to watch the kids and adults getting their new belts. This is the fourth ceremony that I have helped out with (which is quite an honour, considering that I was helping out long before I got my first kyu status) and so I am standing in a position to watch the faces as Sensei unties their old belt and puts on their new one. There are those who keep an alsolutely serious face and those who can’t stop smiling and those who can’t keep the pride from showing on their faces. These are the students that I help to teach and it’s satisfying for me to see them achieve their goals.

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