A place of my very own

Well, I done it. I got my very own website! Huge thanks to Donna for the help in getting me set up. Things aren’t quite as I want them yet, but when you pay with coffee you take the timeline that you are given. *grin*

I am informed that the first time people comment, it will be moderated. After I approve comments from that email address, they will no longer be moderated. So, in light of that, I ask that you comment to this thread so that I can get that out of the way for future conversations.

My livejournal is not going away but it is going “friends only” and will be for those things that I do not choose to share with the greater part of the world. If you have a livejournal account and you feel that you belong in that inner circle, go here and comment on that post.

Welcome to my new home!

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