Good morningz!

funny pictures

Yep, this is pretty much what I wake up to, every morning.

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2 Responses to Good morningz!

  1. misterwah says:

    um yeah… the “lolcats” deserve to die. if I were to meet the person or persons responsible for this craze I would kill them with my fists. you are now almost on the list. it’s just not funny.

  2. erin says:

    Oh Dan, are you kidding? I love lolcatz! I used to think it was stupid and the spelling and grammar drove me crazy (I didn’t get the nickname of “spelling nazi” for nothing) but it grew on me and now I think they are hilarious!

    But don’t worry – I don’t post that many of them on my blog. Just the ones that remind me of my life or are especially funny. You don’t have to take me off the blogroll quite yet. 😉

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