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I listened to David Suzuki on CBC Radio One this morning and he had me laughing me out loud. I had no idea that he was so entertaining! I may have to go looking for “The Nature of Things” or maybe one of his books.

I had the brainstorm today on my way to the bank that I need to be doing something with my life that matches up with what I’m good at, what I’m passionate about, and what I like doing. I’ve had a few thoughts bumping around with things that match this description but it would mean taking a huge chance and I’m much more on the side of being secure than chancy, especially when it comes to my paycheques. However, I know that I don’t want to work for the Green Cult forever, so maybe it’s time I decide what I want to be when I grow up.

The Canucks beat Anaheim 4-0 tonight and I actually got to watch the second half of the game. Because of being at Purple Dragon so often I have missed a lot of games this season, but I watch snippets when I can and listen to Shorty on the radio if I’m in my car heading out or heading home. Luongo got his second back-to-back shutout and hasn’t allowed a goal in over 130 minutes of play. Fantastic. Naslund seems to have recovered from the no-mans-land that he had disappeared to for the past season. Kesler was awesome. Pronger was a bitch, as usual. Crosschecking after the whistle? Jerk. My question to the Canucks is – where the hell was this kind of play during the playoffs last season? Anaheim was getting really frustrated, chasing the whole game, and they took penalty after penalty as they tried to throw their weight around and get physical. It was the first time the Canucks beat Anaheim at home since 2002. Yeah, feels good.

Today was the last time I had to go to Humanities 495. A stupider waste of time I have not found at university. A 2 credit course, simply pass or fail, with a chance for Humanities majors to draw from the depths of their readings and discuss texts that most have already seen at some point in their education. A chance for the pretentious to shout “Look at me!!” a whole bunch of times. I did my part – I showed up, I bullshitted quite a bit, I didn’t do the readings. It’s not like my school schedule was all that packed this semester but I sure didn’t have time to read a bunch of books that somehow I hadn’t read in any of my classes previous. I’ve been busy reading all the pieces from my philosophy class which have been very interesting. I’m even more convinced that humans have no free will, and therefore there is no ethics because if you have no choice but to do what you do, then you can’t be held responsible for it. Go see my post here to get the whole big bad argument that trashes the concept of free will.

My feet are really cold.

Colin and Justin have heisted a house and turned it into a crazy bumblebee. Normally I really love their designs but this one has the most hideous white, yellow, and black striped wall in the living room, and the kitchen has black lower cabinets, steel upper cabinets, and bright fucking yellow mini tiles on the backsplash. Hideous!!

Oh, and my last random thought for this evening – asking for a bit of extra spice on your delivery order of Thai House yumminess results in so much spice that your nose starts to run and you need to continually drink water. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get the spicy version – just fill up the Brita before you eat.

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