Wednesday madness

Oh, so exhausted but I want to keep up my NaBloPoMo posting.

Today started at 4:30am when my first alarm went off. I went to work until 11:30, ran home for a shower and some food and then headed off for an interview at 2. Then to Chapters where I spent $60 on four books (and did something totally unlike me – I bought a book that I had never heard of, let alone read!). Got some interest shown by an old almost colleague who now works for Chapters who seemed to be offering me the chance to manage for them … but couldn’t tell me off-hand what the discount for books was. She just said there were “perks”. Um, yeah, the perks would be the books? Anyway…

Then over to the chiropractor who got rid of the kinks in my back (temporarily but I felt much better walking out of there then I did walking in) and over to the dojo to drop off one of my new books for my Sensei. (Crucial Conversations, for anyone who is interested. Best self help book ever. Seriously. I think everyone should read it.) And then I went to Burnaby to meet two of my Prague girlfriends for appies and drinks at Cactus Club. We reminisced, talked about our travels afterwards, looked at pictures, retold funny stories, and laughed and laughed. The bellinis helped with the laughing.

I walked back in the door to my house about 9:30pm. My poor cat was hungry and probably thought I had abandoned him – he’s not used to me being gone all day like that. I felt guilty for being out for so long so we had a cuddle session on the couch after he’d eaten his dinner. Mmm ostrich.

And now I am going to fall into bed and be fast asleep in about 10 seconds, which is good since I have to be back up at 4:30 again tomorrow. I may have time for a nap after work and before school, and that’s already the only thought that is getting me through.

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