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I wonder sometimes just how different the Green Cult is in the States than it is here. The reason I am questioning this is because of a blog entry I just encountered, discussing “so-called random acts of kindness that turned out to be a PR stunt by [the Green Cult].” These random acts are someone paying for the next person in line, who then pays for the following person, and so forth, which have apparently reached over 1000 customers in a chain at a time. Is it PR? Is it not? Does it matter? Are you still participating in some kind of charitable act?

This is what is happening in the States. Here, at least, there were coupons printed up that were supposed to work in the following way: I have the coupon and I take my friend A for coffee. Using the coupon, I pay for my drink and A’s drink is free. A then gets the coupon and takes her friend B for coffee. A pays for her drink and B’s drink is free. B then gets the coupon and takes his friend C for coffee … do we get the idea?

Instead of handing out random BOGO coupons, the Green Cult was trying to start a chain reaction of not just a free drink (and here it really is free, not like in that American example where one’s own drink was paid for but one is then supposed to pay for the drink of the next person, negating the “freeness” of it all) but also of spending time with a friend or family member over the holidays. It hasn’t worked out exactly how the Green Cult planned it, but I thought it was a cool idea. PR – sure. But still a nice thought: rather than being purely focused on consumerism, don’t forget about your relationships.

What do you think?

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