I bought a digital camera today. It’s on my 101 list, and I had thought it would be something that I left until later in the project because I can borrow and use my parents’ camera whenever I would like. The problem with that camera is that it takes shitty low-light pictures, both indoors and out, and I like to take pictures with lighting other than the glaring sun. I got some unexpected money at Christmas and I cashed the cheque today and thought, “Why not?”

$302 later (including tax), I have the camera and a 2GB memory card that can hold 600 pictures. I’ve been fooling around with it, taking pictures of different things to see how they will turn out and so far, so good. And so I give you, a picture of the new toy (taken with the old camera) and a crazy car, just for fun.

my new camera

crazy car

This car sits on the southwest corner of Broadway and Clark. I see it every time I go to the dojo, so tonight I stopped to take a picture with my brand new camera.

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