Puff the Magic Dragon

I got stoned after work tonight. I don’t remember the last time I smoked pot … maybe back at the beginning of the summer, before I went to Europe? Anyway, I was chatting with the asm at my store, who is moving back to Ontario on Tuesday, which sucks because she’s hilarious and works really hard, and somehow it came out that I smoke pot. Occasionally. And as it turns out, so does she. With more frequency.

So we grabbed her fiance and their baggie of weed and came up to my house. I managed to not freak out about my house being a mess (but I did have to go bleach the toilet before I would let them in the bathroom because I’m weird like that) and we smoked and watched funny videos on YouTube.

And now I am burnt out, craving potato chips but I don’t have any, and I’m going to go to bed.

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3 Responses to Puff the Magic Dragon

  1. Nicole says:

    Every once in a while I have this urge to try it, but the voice in my head tells me I’m crazy enough without it…

  2. Lisa says:

    sounds like fun, me and you again sometime 🙂

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