I was at the dojo for 5 hours today. Granted, two hours of that was instructing, but that takes energy too – just a different kind. Luckily for me, the group that I had to run through katas were so high energy and were giving everything back to me, which makes it so much easier for me to keep my energy level high for them. Instructing in martial arts is really about the flow – the energy moves around the room and back and forth between people. It means when you go and you feel really down and tired you can be a little more greedy and take energy from the others. And when you go and you feel great and you have a lot to give, that’s when you pay it back.

Both the big kids and the little kids classes did a black belt drill at the end – a 500 count in a horse stance (legs a bit more than shoulder-width apart, knees bent, hips tucked in, back straight) with arms extended to the side with palms up. We did this drill in black belt class last week and it is hard. As the kids started to drop their arms or straighten their legs, they went to the side and sat down. In both classes there were four kids remaining at 500 who had held the stance for the entire time. One of them was a white belt who only joined a few months ago. She’s probably about 7, and she was crying by the end but she didn’t give up. It gave us, the instructors, and Sensei goosebumps to watch the determination and courage and heart that was displayed.

The adults class was not too difficult; we just did some 10-hand drills and some sparring. Sensei wants us to get 16 oz boxing gloves so that we can start doing some boxing drills and I tried on a pair that another member already bought and they are FUN! I can’t wait to get my own. I know because of the weight that they will be hard to work with once I’m tired, but I tried some punches with them on and because there is so much padding and the hitting surface is so big, I wasn’t worried about my wrist and so I gave it all I had. Did I already mention fun? :)

And then kickboxing class where we worked upper body and core today. As always, I left there feeling on an endorphin high. To treat myself for working so hard, I bought a (hopefully) yummy Reisling to drink on the couch while I watch some tv. There’s a good lineup tonight – an interesting looking show about crocodiles from National Geographic, some Sex and the City, and then Midsomer Murders. Or, if I get bored of that, I taped Anna Karenina the other night and haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. When I told my dad (because he bought the book in St Petersburg and has been slowly chipping away at it) he asked, “How long is it? Six hours?” Surprisingly, no, it’s only 2. “Editing,” I kindly explained to him. I do want to read the book but it’s huge and a little intimidating. Hopefully watching the movie and knowing the plot will encourage me to want to attempt the whole book. It’s on my list but I think I won’t even begin to attempt it until after Black Belt grading in August.

Oh, and it’s 7 and the crocodile show is on now. G’night!

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