Still broked

How many times over the past week have I had the thought, “I’m gonna blog about that!” and then realize, sadly, that I won’t because by the time I get my computer fixed, I’ll have forgotten all about it. :(

The situation continues … I downloaded all my drivers but the wireless one won’t complete its download. Instead, I am directed to but as I can’t get on the fucking internet to begin with, that’s not much help. I was going to get the lovely Donna to help but then I got the head cold from hell on Monday and have spent the last three days lying on my couch when not at work, hopped on on DayQuil or zonked on NightQuil.

I could call Dell back but I also haven’t wanted to deal with talking on the phone, which is not my favourite activity to begin with, so I am still without internet.

In related news, I have read an entire book yesterday. The day before, I read two. I realize just how much time the internet takes up. Not that I plan to give up on my addiction once I get it back up and running, but it’s interesting to see just how much free time I have when I’m not blog surfing.

I miss all of you, though, and I’m going to be backreading through posts just as soon as I get a chance. The last time I checked my Google Reader, I had 700 items. I’m sure that I am way over 1000 now, so it may take some time, but friends are top priority.

Send happy internet vibes my way, and Donna, probably expect a reschedule sometime soon. :)

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