Took a two hour nap, got up feeling a little groggy but better, and am now back to achey and nauseous. I think the achey may have something to do with my couch. I lie on it quite a bit and it’s really not very comfortable. Not that I have the spare cash lying around to go buy a new one … although if my brother has started seeing that girl again who got him the deal on his couch, maybe I can afford it … hmm.

I got up in time for ANTM and was irritated by all the screaming. I had to keep turning the volume down. Maybe it’s just that I’m getting crotchety in my old age? Or my nauseous pain-riddled state? I dunno. I already dissected the show a wee bit with a friend over email so I’m not going to do it now – I’ll just say that there will probably be more posts about ANTM in the coming weeks. 🙂

I stopped by Facebook briefly to check on my Scrabble games and in one of them, I am getting beat by a significant amount and I have four ‘I’s, one ‘E’, one ‘C’, and one ‘O’. Pretty much the only words I can make on the board are ‘nice’ and ‘dice’. Woo! Made me so irritated I didn’t check my other boards. I think I’m gonna go back to bed.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Hmmmm I’m going to nudge you soon.


    Poke you.

    Chose your poison, lady

  2. Scratch says:

    You could spell niiiice.

    As in, hey look at that girl’s ass!


  3. cheesefairy says:

    It’s not just you or your illness. The screaming was really fing annoying.

  4. Yvonne says:


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