A ‘duh’ moment

There is this deli in Capilano Mall called Nelly’s Deli, and they make the most amazing soup. I’m not a soup person but their spicy red lentil soup has me addicted. I’ve gone a few times with my mum and she’s now addicted to the borscht. The other times we have gone, we’ve both ordered a small soup and split one of their panini grilled cheese sandwiches. The last time I was so full that I didn’t finish my soup. Almost, but I decided that forcing the last two spoonfuls down was not worth it.

Mum and I went today, and she as usual was paying. She decided to get a medium and a bun as she’s not really all that keen on the grilled cheese. A few months ago, I would have got the small soup and the entire grilled cheese to myself, and enjoyed every bite. A few weeks ago, I would have got the small soup and entire grilled cheese to myself and then realized that I was full way before I was done, and then felt guilty because Mum had paid for it, and probably forced myself to eat more than I wanted.

Today, I ordered a small soup and a bun. I still had difficulty eating it all but it was just the last bite and I admit that I ate it for flavour because damn, that soup is just so good. I haven’t been eating as much since I got sick with that stomach bug, two or three weeks ago. I’ve noticed because I am trying to consciously listen to my body and only eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.

But you know what also happened two weeks ago? I hurt my knee. I haven’t been exercising. My need for more calories has decreased as I’ve been forced to be sedentary. And because I have been practising intuitive eating, I have been eating significantly less because my body just doesn’t need any more food. This explanation honestly just occurred to me five minutes ago. Before that, I was thinking that maybe my stomach shrunk when I didn’t eat for a couple days when I was ill and I just haven’t got back to normal yet. Nope. I am at normal. I’m just listening to my body and letting it dictate, rather than letting my brain and it’s “But that’s the amount that we always eat” be my guide.


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