Work woes

The days are getting longer.

No, I know it’s not March 20th yet.

I mean work-wise.

In two weeks, I will work 8 days straight, for probably on average 10 hours a day. Next week I will only work 5 days but they will be long days involving me going all over the surrounding neighbourhood where my store is opening and telling everyone to come see us.

Today and yesterday were both incredibly long days. In actuality, they were both close to 8 hours but I am doing so much running around right now that it feels much longer. Add to that the fact that I literally can not run (I tried to do a faster sort of shuffle today but had to stop after two steps because my knee was not happy) and it takes me that much longer to get from A to B.

Plus I still have this ridiculous cold that doesn’t want to loosen its grip on my lungs and nose. I look like Rudolph, with my bright and shining nose. :(

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