At work, I am always extremely organized. I’m always a clean freak. I’m always the recycling nazi. I am always in control, and always able to deal with high stress situations.

Today was the exception that proves the rule.

I was at work for 12 hours, unpacking boxes and putting everything (and I mean everything) away. Well, no, I was at work for 12 hours but a lot of those hours I just wandered around watching everyone else unpack boxes and put things away. I couldn’t make decisions. I couldn’t visualize anything. I couldn’t think. I was just a deer in the headlights. Thank goodness for two other managers who came to help out, as they took charge and organized for me.

Everything looks great and almost ready for our “Friends and Family” night tomorrow. If you’re in the neighbourhood of North Van, come by and see us between 3 and 7pm – all drinks by donation and all the money goes to the Harvest Project.

And then Thursday morning – we open! I’m pretty excited, but exhausted and clearly brain dead. It’s 8:30 and I am going to take a bath and then go to bed.

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