Back to the grind

The end of another 12 hour day.

I’m exhausted.

However, Friends and Family was insanely busy for the entire 4 hours today, and it’s looking good for us being a busy location! Woo! The store looks amazing and all my people were incredible. I just wandered around and talked to people and did some schmoozing, although I left that mostly up to my boss because he is the pro at it. That’s why we worked so well together all those years ago when I was his assistant – he did the peopley schmoozy bit and I did the business bit. Every so often today I would escape into the back room and just sit at my desk, staring at the wall and not smiling.

And now my life starts again at working 9 hour days. I’ve forgotten what it’s like. And tomorrow starts bright and early for me with an alarm at 4:30 and unlocking the door at work at 5:15. I’ve forgotten what that’s like, too.

(I’ve been working so much I haven’t even been able to watch hockey – what the fuck is up with the Canucks? Even if we make the playoffs, we’ll get trounced. I think it’s less embarrassing to not make the playoffs at all, rather than be swept in the first round.)

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