Should know better

I try to stay away from articles or blog entries that talk about the company I work for. People are very passionate about the subject which is fine – I did my degree in two subjects that require debating. I like debate. I like to hear the other side. I like to be forced to think about things that hadn’t occurred to me before. I like to change my point of view because that means I am learning.

What I can’t stand is people who do not have the facts and simply make stuff up or quote others who have made stuff up. There is a lot of misinformation out there floating around, and it’s because people were too lazy to do any real research into the matter. Big corporation MUST equal bad corporation. Must. No way around it. No need to fact check – they are a corporation! DUH!

I don’t use this blog to talk about work because it’s my personal space. It’s why I don’t name my company* – I don’t want to blur the line between work time and my own time. But I do have to say that I would not have worked for a company for almost ten years if they weren’t ethical. It’s important to me, way more important than money or any other benefit. I need to feel proud of who I work for, and know that I am making a difference. You may look at my job and scoff, wondering who I make a difference for. I’m not talking about the people that I serve daily, although I always do my best to give them a quality product. I’m talking about the work we do in the countries where we get our raw product from. There are a lot of people out there whose lives have been made much better because of dealings with my company. They have access to markets because of improved infrastructure; they have access to better health care and better schooling; they are paid a premium price for their quality product so that they can make a comfortable living and continue to supply us with that quality product. It’s a win-win situation and one that is only going to get better in the coming years with the recent return of our CEO to the helm.

For everyone out there who hates on us – if you just don’t like our product, that’s one thing. Tastes vary. But please do some research before proclaiming from the rooftops that my company is shit. Otherwise you just make yourself look like an uneducated idiot to those in the know.

* If you don’t know who I work for and would like to, leave a comment and I’ll email you. :)

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