101 things – update

I have completed 19.5 things out of 101. That means I am 19.3% finished my list, not even 4 months in. However, I have completed easy stuff, and there is major stuff still to do, some of which won’t get done this year or even next, but hopefully the year after. I also have 12 things that are in progress. I thought I was behind on this, but I think I’m actually doing okay.

I have changed a few goals because the original ones were no longer relevant to my life.

Here is my update:

Health and Fitness:

  • drink 2 glass of water a day – I drink when I’m thirsty, which is all the time. I have my bad plastic water bottle that I carry about with me, but the water never stays in the bottle long enough for any plastic to leech. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Self Inprovement and Well-Being

  • apply for graduation – done. Will be convocating some time in June.
  • no internet for one week – I did this but I think it was cheating a little because our internet was down at the house. However, I didn’t go online anywhere else during that time, and the world didn’t end. I know – I was surprised too.
  • go into a store that intimidates me – I’m weird like that. I get intimidated by stores where I don’t know where everything is or what they sell. I find it hard to just browse through a new store and then leave without buying anything. I completed this one by going into the butcher where I now buy all my meat products, and I asked lots of questions about where and how the animals were raised and how to prepare the different kinds of meat and fish that they have.
  • in progress to read 50 books each year – I’m already at 33 for the year, and we’re not done April yet. I think I’m going to do okay in this category. It’s been nice to get back into reading, though. I missed books when I was in university.
  • in progress to spend more time with friends – this one is getting harder for me but I’m trying to reach out and do a few more social things.
  • in progress to buy tulips for myself – I love tulips but apparently, so does Andy. He likes to eat them, and then throw them up.


  • create a photobook for Europe 2007 – two of them! One for Prague and one for my travels afterwards. They are awesome and to me, waaaay better than photo albums.
  • in progress to complete Project 365 – I suck at taking a picture every day but I have taken some cool pictures and I will continue to do my best with this one.
  • in progress to take pictures of animals, especially Logan and Andy – I want to make a photobook of Logan but the site has been down for quite some time. Andy is sick of having the camera shoved in his face.


  • always use my travel mug – always
  • switch to non-toxic cleaners as my old ones run out – still having my love affair with Method.
  • in progress to plan my errands for the week to cut down on mileage – I could do better with this one but I do think about it a lot.

Giving back

  • continue charitable donations to WSPA – it comes off my credit card every month. I need to help the animals.


  • have $5000 in emergency fund – done.
  • find out my credit rating – done. And it’s high, baby!
  • change my banking institution to VanCity – I used to bank at the North Shore Credit Union and will probably maintain one account with them, but I admire VanCity’s commitment to the environment and I wanted to support that.


  • proper running shoes – done
  • new bed linen – done
  • wok – done
  • frying pan with lid – done
  • digital camera – done
  • external hard drive – done

Cooking and Food

  • only buy ethically raised and slaughtered meat – my problem has never been with the food chain; only with the way that we treat animals in our society. Now that I have found locally raised (as in within BC) free range organic meat, I am no longer buying meat from grocery stores.
  • in progress to eat more vegetarian meals – I need to learn to cook some yummy veggie dinners.
  • in progress to continue to eat my way through my cupboards – I had a lot of food on hand for one person so I am trying to eat everything I have before buying more (such as boxes of pasta)


  • sell the Poang chair and footrest – done
  • in progress to weed out bookcases and pass along books I no longer want – the unwanted pile has got a little bit bigger, and will possibly grow quite a bit as I get to my school books. I have kept everything so far (because with my degree we read a lot of novels) but I know there are books there that I will never read again.
  • in progress to take recycling out to the bins every time I walk to the car – when I do this, I have less junk in my house. But, I’m lazy.
  • in progress to unclutter my computer – bookmarks and blogs are done, photos and music is still to be done.


  • in progress to explore possible neighbourhoods to move to in 2009 – my plans are changing so where I thought I wanted to live, I may no longer want to live. That’s why it’s good to have a long timeline on this.

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