Calling all writers

Taken word for word from Leslie‘s livejournal (because I’m lazy and she worded it better than I):

Joke has a pet project, this “writing project,” which she calls “beats of life,” that she’s done every year for three years now.  she picks a topic for the year, and then a bunch of people from different countries write about that topic… write SOMETHING. essays, poems, fictional stories…. the diversity is always amazing. the participants email their contributions to joke and she compiles them all,  and then sends the whole group’s work back to everyone who participated.

it’s strictly for fun only – no fame or money here. but it *is* a neat chance to write on a random topic, read other people’s writing from around the world, and *kind of* see your name in print, even if there aren’t that many of us participating.

Joke’s official description:
UNSPOKEN: The idea is to write/talk (converse) to ‘someone’ , ‘something’ you haven’t, can’t, won’t ever tell that person in –real- words. Imagine for example a relative that has died, and you still wish to say something, or an old boyfriend who you have lost track of, or your boss who you despise (or despises you)… Plenty of possibilities… The person you write to doesn’t have to be specified as long as a general idea is there (for example: a brother, an unborn child, etc). You can of course call the person by his/her name, or use a pseudonym…

If you would like to join in, reply in the comments and I will pass your email address along to Joke. She’ll then email you to confirm.

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