Nocturnal adventures

I awoke a few nights ago to a strange scraping-on-glass sound. Being half asleep and so therefore not thinking about any snippets of horror movies I have ever seen, I got up and came out to the living room to see what was going on.

Andy was up on the wide window sill that runs the length of my living room, which is at ground level outside. He was puffed up and hissing and scratching at the window, where outside there were two raccoons peering in.

The raccoons saw me but weren’t afraid – I guess they have learned that people inside houses can’t hurt them. Instead, one of them put his paw on the window as if to say hello. Andy was literally spitting mad. I stroked his back and he turned and hissed at me in warning.

I didn’t want to scare off the cuties because I love raccoons but I also love my sleep and I knew that Andy would not settle down until they were gone, so I went outside and around the corner and the two of them waddled off into the night.

I went back to bed, opening my window a few inches as I did so. The raccoons had come around to this side of the house; I could hear them rustling in the bushes outside the window. Then came Andy, flying down the hallway, up onto my bed and almost through the screen in his desire to get at those creatures! But, I foiled him by closing the window just in time. He gave me a look of betrayal and went back to his post in the living room, protecting the house from intruders.

I went back to sleep. It was only 4:30am.

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  1. donna says:

    hee. I can imagine how angry Andy would have been… because I imagine it’s similar to how frantic Justice gets when we have ducks in the pond… or the heron… or worse, squirrels in the trees.

    She’s a mighty defender against squirrels, she is. We don’t currently risk the wrath of Mom by letting her chase off the ducks, though. (The heron is fair game — he eats the fish.)

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