I went out last night with friends, and I didn’t feel the slightest twinge of anxiety the whole time.

There was massive traffic heading over town because of an accident on the bridge – I just listened to my music and dawdled along.

We went to get perogies at the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on W10th – never been there before, had no idea what to expect, was fine.

Went back to Casa del Scorchtone for ‘Bacon and Margaritas’ and even had a small amount of tequila – no sweat. We chatted and laughed and sang. Oh yes, we sang. That was pretty memorable – a bunch of Canadians warbling the American national anthem, very off-key, while the American in the room laughed so hard he almost fell off his chair.

And then, rather than ‘hitting the wall’ in my usual fashion at the end of the night, I simply got really sleepy and decided that it was time to go home. (Drew, please apologize to ‘the girl’ that I forgot to say goodbye to her. I was all wrapped up in getting hugs from everyone and when I got in my car, I realized that I hadn’t but at the point it would have felt really awkward to come back in, so instead I chose to look rude. I didn’t mean to be. :( )

It appears that I’m not as broken as I thought.

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