The end is in sight

I had my specialist appointment today. His office is in Richmond so it was kind of a blast from the past to be out there. I was looking for the Starbucks I always used to frequent when I was dating T but I couldn’t find it. The new Skytrain line was messing me up a bit – they were preparing for it when I used to be out there before, but it wasn’t built. Now it runs down No 3 Road and it kept screwing with my landmark system.

I had an x-ray appointment at 10:20 but that only took a few minutes. My actual appointment with the specialist was for 11:20 so I ended up being about 30 minutes early. Other people in the waiting room were complaining that they had been waiting for over an hour. One guy said his appointment was for 9:30 and at 11 he finally told the receptionist that he would have to reschedule because he couldn’t wait any longer. I prepared myself for a long wait. (I had brought a nearly new book of Sudoku with me, as well as an unread Agatha Christie, so I was okay with waiting.)

But – my name was called about 11:15! Guess it wasn’t my doctor who was running behind! He poked and prodded my knee, looked at my x-ray, and then did something unexpected – he tried to talk me out of having surgery. He didn’t come right out and say that, but he asked if I had thought about all my alternatives. He said he knew of guys who used to play football who had the same injury, didn’t get surgery, and while they cannot play football anymore, they do things like ski. I explained, again, that I cannot walk for more than a few minutes without getting a pronounced limp and having my knee start to ache. I think the idea of doing an activity like skiing is out of my reach with my injury. He then asked if I’ve thought of getting a brace. I told him that I have one but I don’t think that wearing a brace for the rest of my life is a viable alternative to surgery.

He then explained how the surgery would work – where he would make incisions, etc. He said that there is a chance that I may get some permanent numbness on my upper calf because of a nerve that runs across where he has to do the work but that’s okay. I’ll take that if it means I can walk again, let alone do anything like martial arts. He warned that I may have a rehab time of a year or more before I can do martial arts but since if I don’t have the surgery, I won’t ever be able to go back, I said that was fine.

My one question was, of course, when the surgery would be. He said, “Not until the fall.”

I gasped, “Fall of 2009?!”

He said, “No no, this fall.”


I had no idea it could be done so quickly! However, I have a conference to go to at the end of October in New Orleans that I am not missing, having never been there, and then November and December are our busiest months and I wouldn’t feel right about being off work at that time, so I have requested to have my surgery in January.

They do not have the schedule that far ahead for OR time so I do not have a specific day, but that’s okay. Since he doesn’t have anyone waitlisted that far ahead, it shouldn’t be a problem to get in for January.

To sum up – my surgeon is nice but a little strange, and I’m going for surgery in January. Woo hoo!!

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  1. Jeanie says:

    Glad the surgery date was sooner than expected 🙂

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