My friend M

My friend M wanted to be mentioned on my blog, so here he is. He came over tonight and cooked perogies for me. He’s done some sort of cooking school / chef program / whatever so I always let him cook and then I’ll clean up. It works for both of us.

We watched some tv – ok, I have to digress. I haven’t watched cable tv in months (too busy reading 80 books so far this year, or watching dvds of “6 Feet Under” – addicted!!) so I have not seen commercials in that time. M doesn’t have cable at his house, so I gave him the remote to play with and he was happily flipping channels. I couldn’t believe the commercials. They are seriously awful. I did not see one clever or funny one – instead, they were tacky or cheap or treated the viewer like an idiot. And there was no segue between one and the next! Just bam! Bam! Bam! in your face!

Terrible. I won’t be doing that for a while.

So where was I going originally? Hmm … we were watching tv … oh yeah! So I bought a ton of veggies yesterday to make a huge salad – do all the work at once and then have salad for a couple of days. But yesterday I slept for a hundred years so I thought I would do it tonight while I had someone to talk to. Have you ever noticed that everyone has their own special way of cutting peppers? M was so appalled at the way I cut my peppers that he came over to show me the proper, chef-school way of doing it. Only, my knives are so dull that he couldn’t quite break the skin of the pepper. How embarrassing. I have these lovely expensive knives that I spent way too many Euros on a few years ago in Germany and now I have let them get dull and useless.

Tomorrow the giant plan for my day off is to figure out where I can get them all sharpened so that the next time M cooks me dinner, I have tools that work properly. After all, if someone is going to volunteer to make food and hand it to me on a plate, necessitating that all I have to do is lift it into my mouth, I will make sure my knives are sharp.

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