Damn right!

The Customer is Not Always Right

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  1. donna says:

    hah. Ok, one of those, the customer IS right: Copyright expires. The musical score by the 184 yr old dead guy won’t be protected anymore.

    I’d be choked too, if someone wouldn’t copy that because they didn’t understand copyright law. Granted, I wouldn’t claim it was MINE, but still… 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

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    Big Lies Are Better Than Small Ones
    Liquor Store | Willimantic, CT, USA

    (Often I enter the beer cooler with shorts, a t-shirt and some rubber-hand work gloves on.)

    Me: *walks out of the cooler*

    Customer: “Are you f***ing insane? It’s freezing in there.

    Me: “I don’t mind it.”

    Customer: “That’s bulls***! You know it’s cold. Why would you lie to me?”

    Me: “Excuse me? I’m pretty sure I know my own tolerance and I’m working so I get a bit warm, even in there.”

    Customer: “WARM!? In a COOLER!? You’re a G**D*** LIAR! How can you be WARM in THERE!”

    Me: “I’m Canadian, and ever since my igloo melted I only feel at home in there.”

    Customer: “Oh, I didn’t know. I’m sorry for your loss.”

    HaHAHaHahahahaaa. I love it.

  3. erin says:

    Nicole, that was one of my favourite ones too. 😀

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