Feelin’ Fine

You may recall that I wrote this post recently, about feeling like a fatty mcfatterson when I went to buy some clothes.

Let me now tell you of my experience at Lane Bryant, specifically the one on 12th st nw in Washington DC.

I had heard about them through one of my favourite FA blogs, Shapely Prose. I looked them up online and thought what the hell – I may as well go check them out while I’m in the States.

As soon as I walked through the doors, I knew that this was going to be a shopping experience unlike I have ever had before. The clothes were awesome – great colours, lots of different styles, casual and more businessy. Before I even made it to the jeans wall, I had an armful of clothes I couldn’t wait to try on.

The cool thing about their jeans is that they have figured out that not all women are shaped the same. Therefore, they have Right Fit – figure out what colour you are, and then try on the different styles of jeans that fit that body type. We all know the horror of jeans shopping, right? You can never find anything that fits you properly? It’s a long, drawn out, frustrating endeavor that we try to avoid until the last pair of jeans that we have that fit are practically in shreds? (Ok well maybe that’s just me, but wev.) The first pair of ‘yellow’ jeans that I tried on fit me. I bought two. I mean, you find a good thing, you jump on it, yes?

I tried on a multitude of tops and dresses, and anything that I didn’t immediately love, I put in the discard pile. I didn’t have the problem of wondering if I would ever find anything that would fit, because the discard pile only ended up with about 3 items in it.

The staff were awesome. The girl who measured me got me different styles and colours of jeans to try on. She found me the most awesome pair of black dress pants that I have ever worn (in terms of comfort and cut). Another saleswomen told me how great the blue tank I was wearing went with my skin tone, and helped me to find other tops in the same colour. They were having a good time because I was having a good time – because I had found a place that had clothes that made me feel good. I didn’t feel like a fatty mcfatterson, even if I was buying clothes in the largest size I have ever needed. I felt sexy and fun and happy. This is what clothes shopping should be like for everyone.

I want to acknowledge my privilege up front – I do know that I am not that fat. I fit into the smallest two sizes that Lane Bryant stocks. I can find some clothes that fit me in so-called regular stores (it’s just all ugly as shit and twice as uncomfortable). I know that there are women (and men too, I’m sure) out there that are sized out of stores like Lane Bryant, and maybe will never experience a shopping trip like I did. And that sucks. It truly does. Everyone should be able to feel sexy and fun and happy in their clothes.

That said, the fact that Lane Bryant gets it to the extent that they do, and are catering to that larger slice of the market with awesome clothes and good prices means that they will definitely be getting repeat business from me, and I will be talking them up to any of my girlfriends who are 14+.

Yesterday, as I was unpacking and doing laundry, I looked at all my pretty new things and I looked at my closet, and I did a huge purge. I did a clothing purge just a few weeks ago, but this time I was ruthless. If an item didn’t make me feel like my new clothes did, and it didn’t serve a purpose (like work out clothes or comfies or pjs), then it was gone.

I have a much smaller wardrobe now, with much better items in it, and I am feelin’ fine.

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