I have a date

I was talking to my friend Mike on the phone and I said, “I have a date-”

“Really? With who?” he interrupted.

“-for my surgery,” I finished.

Me? Go on dates? I laugh!

The good news is that I finally have a date for getting the ol’ knee fixed. The bad news is that it is almost 2 months later than I had hoped. February 26th I will be sliced open have microscopic holes drilled into me and things done. I’m not really all that sure exactly what will be done, but hopefully by the end of it I will be almost as good as new.

One of the things I am most excited about doing once I am healed is taking shelter dogs for walks. Right now I am too worried that one will pull me off balance and cause me to do further injury, so I limit myself to just giving (and receiving!) lovings from the doggies. I suppose that my recovery will coincide nicely with the nicer weather and will give me a reason to go for walks and continue my rehab.

The only silver lining to having my surgery at the end of February rather than the beginning of January as I had expected is that I now have three months to get my ass to physio and gain some strength back in my muscles. The recovery rate is much quicker if one is strong in body going into the surgery, but I’ve been lazy about making an appointment.

In other health news, I am considering the possibility of getting a light box, as my doctor suggested I may have SAD. It makes sense – December is always my most apathetic month, where doing anything other than sleeping and more sleeping takes much more energy than I seem to have. If I can positively affect this by sitting in front of a light for half an hour a day, rather than upping my medication, it would be a good thing.

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