I dunno what’s up with the bloggity at the moment. It takes a really long time to load, and sometimes won’t load at all for me. :(

Saw the doc today – my blood work all came back fine so the next step is to find and buy a light box. We’ll see how that goes in terms of alleviating the desire to sleep all the time.

I have the head cold from hell right now. My doc helpfully told me that it lasts forever, this one, so I have many more days of expelling phlegm and snot on a continuous basis. Not so nice reading that? Yeah, not so nice living that!

Work has been busy busy busy! We are set to do our busiest week of sales this week, with an odd drop in our sales target this week so we will blow it out of the water. This means bonus for me! Woo! I’ll need that money as supplemental income for when I’m off recuperating from surgery, as I believe that short-term disability only pays about 65% of one’s salary. I still have to get the exact numbers.

I snuggled doggies at the shelter again today. I brought a coffee traveller and some cranberry bliss bars for the staff, as part of my ongoing bribe to let me love the doggies. (Not that they wouldn’t anyway, but it’s nice to brighten the people’s days as well as the dogs.) Meika, who I talked about before, is still there. They said they have had only a few people interested in her, and they were the wrong kind of people. *sigh* She’s such a snugglebug – she needs a warm comfy couch and lots of blankets and people to love her all the time.

I also gave some lovings to Bella, a Husky who heartbreakingly was turned into the shelter by her owner who decided he did not want her anymore. She liked the pets but I could tell she was crazy to be let out of her run. I can’t wait until I can take them for walks!

I also gave some loves to Jinko, who is housed in the singles room out in the main foyer. He was a sweetie, laying on his back for belly rubs and doing happy paws when I stroked him. As I always say, it’s too bad that Andy won’t tolerate other cats because I sure would like to give him a buddy. Jinko also doesn’t do well with other cats, though, so he needs to be in a solo-cat household.

I’m going back tomorrow because they got another puppy in. I missed him today – he was at the vet getting his shots updated – but I can’t resist the puppy love.

As for my kitty, he is currently sprawled on his back with all four paws in the air, tummy contentedly full of tuna that his grannie bought for him, and snoring gently. Life is good in his world.

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