#16 Forever

me an' my bro

Trevor Linden‘s number 16 was retired tonight, joining Stan Smyl‘s number 12 in the rafters. Trevor has always been my favourite Canuck – he embodied everything a hockey player should be, both on and off the ice. He almost single-handedly carried his team to the Stanley Cup finals in ’94, a run that will never be forgotten by Vancouver fans.

When he was traded in 1998, I was devastated, but I never stopped thinking of him as a Canuck in my heart. When he came home in 2001, there was much rejoicing with my friends and me. I remember the standing ovation he received when he first stepped on the ice during his first home game.

If ever there was someone who deserved to be honoured, it is Trevor Linden. Congrats on everything you accomplished, Trev. We love you.

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