Thanking Maude I’m single

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First Valentine’s Day, and now Steak and blowjob day? Give me a fucking break.

First, it plays on the idea that Valentine’s Day is all about the wimmenz, what with the men being forced to show appreciation for their girlfriend or wife by buying her cheap tacky shit or clich├ęd flowers or chocolate. It plays on the idea that men will only show appreciation for their girlfriends or wives when they are forced to do so by society, and it creates this lovely mentality that women can be bought by the above mentioned cheap tacky shit/chocolate/flowers and therefore will have sex.


And then, because Valentine’s Day is so fucking hard for men, what with it being all about the wimmenz and all, they now want a day ‘all about them’, wherein they get steak and blowjobs. Steak, because ‘real’ men eat meat, and blowjobs, because let’s face it, ‘all men think about is sex’ and this is an awesome way to make the wimmenz feel obligated to show just how much they ‘appreciate’ their men by giving it up.

Both completely ignore the idea of any kind of relationship that does not fit into the hetero mold, and both ignore the concept that healthy adult relationships should involve making one’s SO feel appreciated more than just once a year, and not only because society said you have to.

I’ll pass, thanks.

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