A good morning

Last night I dreamed that I was at a Weight Watchers meeting. The leader was going around the room, greeting each person, but we were all listening. A few people mentioned that it was not their first time attempting to lose weight, and the leader laughed and said, “I know how that is!”

She got to me and I said, “I have no desire to lose weight. I love my body just the way it is.”

Thank you, subconscious, for giving me such a wonderful, body affirming thought to wake up to.

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3 Responses to A good morning

  1. rock_grrl says:

    Awesome! I love dreams like that! I wish more people felt that way about their bodies!

  2. Nicole says:


    p.s. when can we meet up? Exams end April 14, I leave April 27

  3. mamavee says:

    That’s the best dream ever! I’ve had to consciously avoid/ignore/block out/lalalala all the “advice” and “encouragement” on how to get to my pre-baby weight, and now, 14 months later, I’m still not there, and frankly, I’m really happy about it because guess what? NORMAL WOMEN HAVE HIPS. And those little “love handles” really deserve that name because my son loves to grab on to them when he’s nursing and that tummy I never had before? Well, it made a baby, so yes, I love my body very much thank you, and don’t really want to look like that lady in the magazine.

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