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There is only one and a half boxes left to be unpacked, and a whole wack of cardboard that needs to be recycled. Then I need to hang up some pictures and I’m done! Speaking of pictures, Lori linked to the coolest Canadian art company today and now I have a new want. It’s only $670. No big deal, right? (Although, for personalized art, I guess that actually isn’t that much money …)


I have organized my receipts for tax write-offs in a spreadsheet, got all my papers together, and now I just have to calculate rent/phone/internet/etc costs. I’m using an accountant for the first time this year, since I now have self-employed benefits.


Speaking of financial stuff, I added an extra $3500 to my RRSPs this year, using the bank’s money and the government’s tax rules. It didn’t cost me a penny. Wanna be able to do it next year? I can help you with that.


I love that my couch is long enough that Andy can curl up at one end and I can be stretched out at the other, and we aren’t touching at all. Usually he’s right on top of me, keeping me from typing but tonight I guess he needed a little space.


Translink has finally decided to install fare gates at SkyTrain stations. “Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2010 and is planned to coincide with proposed Expo Line station expansions.” Why couldn’t they have figured this out before construction of the Canada Line? Surely it would have been cheaper to build the new stations already equiped with such structures? I cannot believe that retrofitting is ever more cost-effective. Oh wait – am I using the word ‘effective’ in a sentence with Translink? I’ll just stop now.


I have only three days left of my six week leave. I can’t believe it’s gone so fast! Here’s hoping that work does not prove too strenuous on my knee. It is responding extremely well to acupuncture, and I have improvement in my straightening and my bend every time I see my physio, but it still aches after standing for short periods of time. I think that ice packs will become my new best friend next week.

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2 Responses to idle musings

  1. Rachel says:

    Cool!! I like the DNA portraits even more, but I’m geeky like that.

    P.S. Translink can suck it.

  2. Rachel says:

    P.P.S. I sometimes run DNA gels at work so it’s funny/ awesome to me that it’s art.

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