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Just checking in to let y’all knowI’m still alive.

Maia is doing great. We finalized the adoption on Wednesday after two weeks of fostering – they like to do that so that if there are any problems or second thoughts, people can change their minds. When I went to pay the adoption fee and get Maia’s paperwork, they gave me a certificate of adoption that they had printed the day I took her home to foster. It makes me feel really good that they believed in me right from the start. After all, Maia is not the easiest dog – she didn’t come to me housetrained and she has fear issues with people and dogs that she may never recover from. But I can say after having her at home for two weeks that she has already improved by leaps and bounds and I have high hopes for her to become an amazing doggie who never has to feel fear again.

As I say whenever anyone asks me about her – I love her.

Andy is adapting … somewhat. He did give Maia a swat across the nose that had Maia leaping across the room and looking at me like, “What the hell just happened? Ouch!” They give each other the eye mostly, but again, I have hopes that they will eventually learn to peacefully co-exist, if not become buddies.

Work has been crazy as I had two shift supervisors go down this week, causing my days off to be rearranged and meaning that I have now worked seven days in a row with tomorrow being my last day before my weekend. My feet hurt. I think I may need to get gel soles or something for my boots.

I cooked tonight for the first time in … ages. I have been subsisting on fast food and easily eaten, no cooking required, take it out of the package and nom food. All I made was mac n cheese, nothing special, but it was tasty and now I have leftovers to take to work.

Um … yeah, that’s about it. Not much going on in my life at the moment other than puppy love and continuing kitty love, and being thankful that there is still something in the world that makes me smile and gives me that happy glow. My medications have continued to keep me from having anxiety attacks but I continue to exist on a flat line with no high feelings as well as no low feelings. Having Maia in my life is proving that I can still feel happy. I’m not ready to contemplate getting off my medication yet (and may never be at that point) but I’m okay with that for the time being.

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2 Responses to Update blah blah

  1. Nicole says:

    Yay for puppy love. Thx for the update – I keep seeing stuff in Europe that reminds me of you 🙂 For example, everytime I see a doggie I hear you in my head going “ohhh!! puppy!!!” – I’m glad you now have your own ‘puppy’.

  2. erin says:

    *lol* I do say that, don’t I?

    I just said tonight that getting Maia was one of the best decisions of my life. 🙂

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