Lessons from the Rape Culture

Lessons from the Rape Culture by Shaker SugarLeigh

There are a million ways to try to make a woman shut up. And they’ve all been used on me. Now suddenly I’ve been given the gift of those who are willing to listen and I barely know where to start. I’d like to start with what’s done the most damage for me: Those “grey” areas of rape and sexual assault, that fog of misogynistic cultural narratives that is so “harmless.” These are the real and serious effects of all that stuff everybody is always telling us is so trifling, that we’re just “looking for things to get angry” over.

So if I’m always wrong anyway, why bother? And I stopped bothering. And I was ripe for the picking. And it’s a color that so many men know how to see, and for which so few can resist reaching once they see it.

I’ve never been raped… but.

Go read the whole thing here.

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