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My camping trip to Tofino was lovely but I missed Maia and Andy quite a bit. Andy I knew was well taken care of, as I had my usual Andy-sitter in to love and spoil him while I was gone, but Maia stayed for three nights at her daycare and as it was my first time leaving her, of course I worried a bit.

Turns out she was fine and had a wonderful time, based on the ‘report card’ I got back from the daycare. I highly recommend WagZone to anyone looking for a daycare or boarding facility and finds North Van to be convenient. All the women who work there are friendly and obviously love the dogs, and Maia has come home from her three night adventure with them exhausted from playing and smelling lovely from the (unexpected) bath they gave her.

I hoped, what with Maia being so tired, that perhaps I could induce her to leave Andy alone this evening so I coaxed Andy downstairs and tried to snuggle them both. It ended up with Andy lying behind the couch, growling, with Maia trying desperately to get him to play. *sigh* Still, Andy stayed down here with us all evening without running upstairs, and even tried to come up the back of the couch a few times. Every time he did so, Maia renewed her interest in him, tail wagging and all other body language pointing to ‘play time!’ but he would simply slip back behind the couch. I think the only way that harmony will ever be achieved, though, is by letting them enact this scenario until Maia gets bored with him, and then I think they just might end up snuggle-buddies.

I only took a few pics from Tofino but will post them tomorrow. I just spent three hours on the computer getting caught up on everything I missed over the past five days and now my eyeballs feel like they are going to fall out of my head.

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