Do lab coats come in pink?

I was going to keep it a secret but then I blabbed it to people so I might as well spill on my blog, too. *grin*

The Advanced Specialty Certificate that I am looking into is Forensic Science at BCIT. I have an appointment with the program advisor on Friday so I can get a lot of my questions answered and hopefully be considered a decent enough candidate that I will be asked to come for an interview. Because, yeah, you have to interview to be accepted into the program. It’s not an ‘apply and get in’ type of thing.

And before anyone asks, no I don’t watch CSI and no I don’t think that this would be like that. As far as I know, CSI is not exactly true to life with the way they portray the science-y aspects. Oh, and it’s not all about dead bodies but some of it could be if I wanted to take those specific classes and specialize in that specific area, but I don’t. Although I don’t think dead bodies would bother me all that much.

I think that covers the immediate reaction of everyone whom I’ve told already. Anything else you want to know? I’ll do my best to answer, either now or after Friday when I have more info.

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  1. Jeanie says:

    Sooooo… how’d it go?? 🙂

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