My life in bullet points

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  • Maia is getting much better at meeting people. Hooray!
  • We have some new friends – a couple who live in my building and their adorable 4-month old wirehaired Dachshund named Leo. He loves Maia so much he has to give her kisses, which means he has to bounce up and down because he’s not really tall enough to reach her face otherwise.
  • I think having a dog is like having a kid in some ways. I’ve reconnected with friends who have dogs because we make ‘play dates’ while I have drifted from friends who are dog-free. *lol*
  • Andy still hates me and runs away when I go over to my parents’ house. This is usually accompanied by growls and claws if I get too close. It’s breaking my heart that he won’t love me anymore.
  • I’m decorating my bedroom! When I was about 5, my bedroom got wallpapered. I think that was the last time any time or effort has been put into my bedroom to make it a welcoming place, or at least a place with some interest. I bought a bed frame on Craig’s List and I am actively searching for bedside tables in thrift stores that I can do over and make pretty. Projects are fun!
  • The forensic science thing didn’t work out. Without a science degree, I wouldn’t get a job in a lab and if I want to crime scene analysis, I would need to join the RCMP and put in my time as a beat cop first. Back to the drawing board in regards to my future.
  • The more I think about it, the more I want to move to a small town. Preferably on the ocean. Which pretty much means Tofino or Ecluelet, or somewhere on the east coast. I have this sneaking suspicion that if I ever travel to the east coast, I will fall in love.
  • That said, I’m still planning on doing a trip to Montreal, taking the train down to Halifax, and renting a car and heading out to Cape Breton. Perhaps in the spring.
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