I was walking Maia on her long-line down at the harbour today, and we were playing some fetch with a stick. I threw it for the fourth or fifth time and somehow the leash got tangled around my left leg so when Maia took off at full speed for the stick, my left leg got pulled right out from under me, my right knee took all the torque and went ‘pop’ just like it did two years ago, and I fell down.


Seriously, is there a curse on me for this particular time of year? March 1st 2008 is the date of my original injury. Today is March 2nd. Very strange coincidence.

I’m currently lying on the couch icing my knee and hoping like fuck that I did not sever another ligament. Unfortunately, it felt exactly the same as when it happened the first time, and the pain is the same now. If I keep my leg straight or slightly bent, it’s fine, but I can’t twist it without pain. I can go upstairs slowly but normally, but going downstairs I have to go one at a time, like a toddler.

As if I needed something else to be stressed out about …

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