I’m starting a new class with Maia. It’s a beginner clicker class, also taught by Dana (my agility instructor). I’ve been doing clicker stuff with Maia for a while now but I learn best by watching someone irl do stuff and then mimicking it. I know my timing can be better, and I want to get better at shaping.

My last package of books arrived today, with the beginning tracking book. I’ve started reading through it and I think it is going to be really fun to do with Maia. I may put it on hold until next spring, though, because the author says it’s easiest to start new tracking dogs when it’s not raining and let’s be honest – it’s going to rain from now until May in Vancouver!

I also got the Really Reliable Recall and I’m going to be starting that immediately. Maia is pretty good with her recall when we are out on the dyke but I want to tighten it up. Especially because of her reactivity – I never let her off leash anywhere except the dyke, and when I see people I immediately call her and leash her up but I want to feel more confident that she will listen, even if people surprise us and ‘come out of nowhere’.

In work news, I have my review tomorrow. Technically I’m not due for about five weeks but my manager is on top of getting them done. I can’t believe I’ve been back at work for almost six months already. And here I am, still floating in limbo. I really like the amount of responsibility I have at work right now because I am good at what I do, and highly respected by my coworkers, but when I leave I don’t have to take any of it home with me. If it paid better, life would be good. As it stands, I think I’m going to have to kick my ass into gear pretty quick or end up in the red.

I don’t understand why no one will grant my wish to be independently wealthy …

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