New member of the pack

Things seem to happen to me very quickly, once I have made a decision. Back at the beginning of the month, I posted to a dog community asking about multiple dog households. I then got in touch with a local shelter that desperately needed some foster homes, and was accepted immediately. I brought my first foster home two weeks ago.


Best guess is that he is an Aussie Shepherd / Aussie Cattle Dog mix. Maybe about 6 or 7. They had no history on him and he had seemed so far to be a lovely dog, except for one incident. I think one of the shelter staff had taken him home for the night and when he was asked to get off the couch, he growled a bit and put his mouth on her hand. Didn’t bite but did mouth it. They wanted to know how he would do in a structured environment that practised ‘nothing in life is free’.

Well. I brought him home, and have had nothing but joy in him so far. He has beautiful manners. For example, he always asks before getting on the couch or the bed. When Maia sneakily steals his chewies he simply goes and gets another one. When I am eating he lays down on the mat by the door. His two bad habits consist of counter surfing and wanting to charge through doors first.

Best of all, he is completely non-reactive. I have yet to hear him bark. He greets strangers with a polite sniff and lets them pat him briefly but he doesn’t need their attention. I’ve taken him into the pet store and he’s greeted dogs and strangers in close confines with no issues. He’s met my friends’ dogs and played well with them. He doesn’t react when Maia loses her sh*t in the car or when the doorbell rings. It’s such a strange feeling to be out with him and not have to be constantly on guard of my surroundings!

Because of this, and the way he has fit seamlessly into my home, I have decided to adopt him. I have named him Bosco, and I am so thrilled to be a two dog home.


My beauties.


Short video of the two playing together out on the dykes where we go walking.

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6 Responses to New member of the pack

  1. Whoa, Bosco has totally fascinating eyes!!
    And that second picture is so cute. 🙂

  2. housedog says:


    I love his crazy ghost eyes. <3 <3 And look how happy he is with Maia in the video! It’s like they grew up together!

    This is so wonderful–maybe he can help Maia learn that life isn’t always so freaky and she might become a little less reactive with his calming presence. I’m SO happy for you! And they’re both such gorgeous dogs–what a beautiful pair!

    (And I love that Blue Merle color. I just think that’s the prettiest combination and now you’ve got TWO Merle dogs. <3)

    • Erin says:

      If Maia does get better with her reactivity, I will dance with joy. But now if she doesn’t, I can just continue to do what I’m doing, keep her life as stress-free as possible, and be able to go out to events and whatnot with Bosco. I did want a dog that I could take anywhere and then bam! Maia picked me and that was that. And I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the whole world. But finding Bosco, and so quickly after making my decision to add another dog to the house, just seems like fate.

      I’m happy. And the dogs are happy. Which means life is just about as perfect as it can get.

      • housedog says:

        I think you will see some improvement of Maia’s reactivity. It’s just my theory here but…I find my mob balances each other out.

        Luka has a weird bias toward black dogs. I have no idea why, but if she’s ever going to get in a spat with someone, it’ll be some dark colored dog who’s a little overly forward (AKA someone’s Black Lab.) When Ozzy first got here, Lu could get very easily offended by every little thing he did. (Not that Ozzy would notice–I swear, he’s like an animated little rock sometimes LOL.) But Ozzy kept making constant “Play with Me!” overtures and Luka eventually stopped her “OMG STOP TOUCHING ME! Boys are GROSS!” antics…

        And now it seems that Lu is less offended by dark colored dogs period. I guess they all remind her of her obnoxious little brother now. And since no amount of being offended has gotten rid of him, she just seems to have resolved to become more tolerant.

        Dunno. Might work out the same way for you.

        • Erin says:

          The other morning I took them out. It was totally dark, and a bike with no lights or reflective gear had gone by. I didn’t see it in time to manage the situation so Maia lost it. It put her reactivity on high so then everything got full freak out. Finally Bosco went over to her, lifted his lip a little, and gave her a ‘shut up already’ snarl. We were headed back to the house already so I don’t know if it would have made a difference but it was interesting to see!

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