My dad came out for coffee and a walk today. He is a sweetheart and picked me up some rubber boots that I have been trying to find in my size, and he wanted to get them to me before the weather changes. Today is absolutely glorious – blue sky and sunny, but cold. -4C is not normal for us!

He got in the car and greeted Maia, who was trying to climb over the seats and get into his lap, but he didn’t notice Bosco until we were halfway up to the dyke because I had him in the hatch area. I told him he was a foster. *grin* My parents tend to get very judgy on my decisions and I just don’t want to hear it right now. I’m 31 – I can make capable decisions about my life without needed to involve my parents. I realize this; they just need to get on board.

Anyway, we had a lovely walk and the dogs have been snoozing peacefully since we got back. I am leaving them together in the house today for the first time instead of putting Bosco into a separate room. I imagine that Bosco is going to be on the couch when I get home and Maia is going to be upstairs on my bed. We’ll see if my prediction comes out right.

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