My dad came out for coffee and a walk today. He is a sweetheart and picked me up some rubber boots that I have been trying to find in my size, and he wanted to get them to me before the weather changes. Today is absolutely glorious – blue sky and sunny, but cold. -4C is not normal for us!

He got in the car and greeted Maia, who was trying to climb over the seats and get into his lap, but he didn’t notice Bosco until we were halfway up to the dyke because I had him in the hatch area. I told him he was a foster. *grin* My parents tend to get very judgy on my decisions and I just don’t want to hear it right now. I’m 31 – I can make capable decisions about my life without needed to involve my parents. I realize this; they just need to get on board.

Anyway, we had a lovely walk and the dogs have been snoozing peacefully since we got back. I am leaving them together in the house today for the first time instead of putting Bosco into a separate room. I imagine that Bosco is going to be on the couch when I get home and Maia is going to be upstairs on my bed. We’ll see if my prediction comes out right.

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  1. crysania4 says:

    Oh man. I’m 35 and my parents get all judgey about my decisions too. I still remember their “you’re getting a border collie mix” nonsense when I told them about Dahlia. I’ve gotten the “why would you want another dog” speech.

    • Erin says:

      I like to point out to my dad that when he was my age he was married with two kids, living four provinces away from his parents, and making all kinds of life decisions without consulting his parents! It’s like they think that when I am telling them something I have decided that it is the first time I have considered it, rather than having already considered all the pros and cons, come to my decision, and then am sharing it with them because we are close and I tell them stuff.

      Plus there is the fact that they don’t really understand dog stuff, even though we had a dog. If I tell them that Maia needed a buddy they will think that I am just being fanciful when in actual fact, she really did. I’ll tell them eventually about Bosco … I just don’t know when. 🙂

      • crysania4 says:

        Man he sounds more and more like my folks. We always had a dog but they don’t GET dogs. It’s not that their dog isn’t well taken care of, but they couldn’t handle a border collie or BC mix. We had one. For 6 months. It was a disaster and the dog ended up being rehomed to a friend who lived in the country and had goats (Bandit was apparently deliriously happy there). So they think I don’t consider my decisions — first it was “a dog? but you don’t have time for a dog?” Then it was “A BC mix? Michelle do you KNOW what they’re like?” Then it was “Oh my gosh she looks just like Bandit. Are you sure you really wanted THIS dog?” (Bandit was mostly black with a white chest and one white paw but no standard BC markings on her face). And now it’s “A second dog? Why do you need two?”


        I used to lie to my folks all the time about purchasing CDs. A new one would pop up and I’d say “oh that one? I got it ages ago” when I had in fact bought it the night before. It’s not like I wasn’t working and had money, but they’re always on my case about spending anything.

        I guess some parents just can’t let go!

        • Erin says:

          Oh yeah … that sounds like my parents. When I told them I was adopting a dog it was “Do you know the amount of time and money that takes?” Then I moved 45 minutes away to where the dykes are so I can take Maia off leash walking every day and it was “Why on earth would you want to move to Maple Ridge?” The thing is, they eventually see how happy my decisions make me and will comment on it … but never think to put two and two together that my decisions that I made led to my happiness.

          Still. They are wonderful people and they do a lot for me so I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s not so bad of a problem to have. I still hide purchases from my mum that way you said you hid cds though! She doesn’t know that I bought new appliances when I moved into my townhouse. I just got reeeaaallly lucky with the ones that were already here. 😉

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