Snow day

It’s been snowing all day here.

Maia in snow

I braved the unplowed roads to take the dogs up to the dyke. I wanted to watch them romp around.


Maia on recall.


Bosco on recall. He looks like he’s hauling ass to get to me, but actually Maia has a much better recall. 99 times out of 100 she whirls and sprints to me. We have worked on that every day for months – recall, get cookie, get released back to sniff/run/play. Bosco still thinks it’s ok to stop and sniff, pee on something, sniff a bit more, and then run over to me. That’s why I was able to get two separate pictures of them, even though it was the same recall.

Bosco sure does like cookies though. Look at his smile!


I can now virtuously lie on the couch and take a nap, and not feel guilty when I push inquisitive dog noses out of my face.

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