I have had the most awful cold for the past couple of days. It felt like knives were stabbing my throat every time I tried to swallow, which meant that eating and drinking were at a minimum, which meant that I had no energy for anything except sleeping. Thankfully I was able to leave work early yesterday and Friday and do exactly that.

Today I woke up feeling better so I took the poor neglected dogs for a walk. They hadn’t been anywhere except the backyard since Thursday and Bosco was so excited he was dancing at the front door. I am going to try to capture that and put it on cue because it was adorable! I bundled up and we went up to the dykes. The water was frozen still from the cold snap we had a few days ago and it was great fun to watch the dogs slipping and sliding on the ice. And they ran and ran … and then ran some more.

I swear, I have not seen Maia’s tail wag as much as it has the past few weeks since Bosco came home. I know that it is a communication thing and she is mostly wagging it in an invitation to play but I just love to see it. Watching my girl be happy makes me happy, regardless of how I was feeling before.

Now we are back home and I am going to cook my super thick cut bacon that I treated myself to from the butcher and I am not going to share it with the dogs, no matter the sad looks I get.

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