Every week it’s the same. I have Sunday and Monday off and by Tuesday I finally feel energized and ready to get things done … and then I have to go back to work. None of this energy is getting funnelled into taking care of things at the house, and the list is still really long:

  • last coat of paint on the upstairs bathroom
  • paint downstairs bathroom
  • fill in nail holes in baseboards in entire house
  • paint baseboards
  • paint upstairs hallway and stairwell
  • fix up mistakes along wall/ceiling line in living room and bedrooms
  • strip and paint kitchen cabinets

However, I did at least manage to cook today. While making pasta with meatballs to take to work (which, incidentally, always makes me sing ‘On top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese …’) I also put together chili to cook in the crockpot while I’m at work, so I’ll have about 8 meals at the end of today to freeze or put in the fridge.

And best score was at the grocery store today – the cashier didn’t ring in my cheese. I watched her try to scan it and she was having difficulty with the barcode but I didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t look at my total and just handed over my credit card. I never pay attention in the store – I just check my receipt when I get home. And lo and behold – no cheese! I don’t know what happened or why it didn’t get rung in but I figure I get to keep it. So large block of cheese free!

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