What a looooong day.

I got up at 330 am, was out of the house by 415 and started work at 430. Got off at 1245; let the dogs out briefly, then back in the car to help transport four dogs from Chilliwack Animal Shelter to Vancouver Animal Shelter. It was an hour’s drive to Chilliwack and then it took almost two hours to get from Chilliwack to Vancouver. Then I still had to drive from Vancouver back to Maple Ridge! I didn’t get home until 645pm.

That would have been ok except that the transport did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. Three of the dogs were small and went in crates. One of these was a Shepherd X – so cute omg! The fourth was a Border Collie X who I was told was very sweet and gentle, and we decided it would be okay for her to be loose in the car. Poor girl had probably never been in a car before and she freaked. out. She was panting so fast I thought she would hyperventilate (dunno if dogs can do that) and she was drooling uncontrollably. She was shaking and she wanted to curl up in my lap but as I was driving that was a bit of a problem. All of that would have been okay too but then she started throwing up. Poor love threw up six times that I counted, all over me and the seat and the floor …

I hoped she’s settled down a bit at the Shelter. The women there that I spoke to all seemed very empathetic so hopefully she got some cuddle time to help her destress. And she did teach me a valuable lesson for transports – all dogs get crated and I need to always have some extra dog towels in the car!

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