Christmas 2010

Mike and I decided to have a relaxing time this Christmas, so we ordered dinner from his catering company that does individual sized turkey dinners and we hung out with my two dogs and his ex-boyfriend’s Doberman that he is looking after for a few days. We watched movies and ate a lot and hung out in our comfies, and it was good. Still, next year we are thinking about going away somewhere tropical over Christmas and missing it all together.

Anyway, the day in pictures:


Mike and the dogs out on the dyke.




Dinner. Yes I do like to drown my food in gravy. 😀


Mike and Tonto cuddling on the couch.


Trying to make reindeer dogs. Tonto wasn’t into it.


Maia was embarrassed.

xx 099

Bosco was my good dog and turned himself into a reindeer for me.

As much as it was nice to have company at the house (Mike stayed for Christmas Eve and Christmas night), it was nice to have the house back to ourselves. The three of us slept almost all day on Boxing Day, worn out from all the entertaining. I still have two days off work so I am doing a few small projects around the house and catching up on sleep.

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