Some days are better than others

Dad and I took Bosco and Maia up to the dyke today, to the loop. At the half-way point we met up with a lady with two whippets. They were so darling! And so fast! She told us that whippets are not allowed to be raced for money (thankfully) but she races them both for fun.

I had Maia on her leash but Bosco was off his, sniffing and playing with the whippets and going to say hi to the woman. Maia did one bark but then became much more interested in the dogs. I took a chance and let her off her leash, and she was wonderful. She approached the woman to say hello, and I quickly gave her some treats to give Maia. Every time Maia came close she would call her name and give her a treat. She even had Maia doing nose touches! And she didn’t once try to touch Maia, although I think she wanted to because she commented more than once on how beautiful Maia is. She said she has always had a soft spot for Aussies but has never owned one herself.

I love it when I run into people like her, where I can let Maia have a ‘stranger interaction’ and not have it do more harm than good. So many people think that once a dog has taken a treat from them they are instant best friends but that is so not the case with Maia! She will take treats but she doesn’t want to be touched by them.

I have to wonder, too, if Bosco is having an effect on Maia yet. He is fairly uninterested in strangers – if they have treats he will go mug them for some but otherwise, he would much rather be playing with the dogs. He had wandered by and politely sniffed her hand before I let Maia off her leash and I wonder if she saw that and felt more comfortable? Or if it was just the woman’s clear understanding of dog etiquette? Either way, it made my day to have Maia have such a great interaction with a stranger.

After their two hour romp, the two dogs are passed out snoring, one on the couch and one on a dog bed, and I am going to have a cup of tea and work on my puzzle.

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