It is not yet 8 o’clock on New Year’s Eve and I am contemplating going to bed. Although I am currently amused by Maia trying so hard to get Bosco to play with her that she stole his chewie right out of his mouth, wanting him to chase her, and all he did was lie there and look puzzled.

I don’t make New Year Resolutions but I have decided to make a few goals for dog training:

I will take Bosco through Pat Miller’s training program laid out in her book “The Power of Positive Training”. So far he has really only learned ‘wait’ and he has a 75% recall in low distraction situations.

Maia has recently become quite afraid of the teeter at agility class and will barely put a paw on it. I will do at least one set of teeter games with her per class to help her get back to where she was before, and hopefully able to do a full teeter by the end of the year.

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