Agility Trial

It was so much fun to watch a trial now that I have a better idea as to what is going on. Oh look, it’s a threadle! Hey, that’s a front cross!

I took two videos of Emma from my class running her Vizsla for the first time but they are too big to upload to my blog so I’ll have to fool around with them first and see if I can fix that. But Emma and Seven went 4/4 – 4 Qs and 3 first place runs. *big happy smile*

One reason why I love Dana, my agility instructor – while we were watching courses today we were talking about jump heights and Maia’s standard jump height would be 26 “. I can drop her into Specials immediately which would take her to 22″, and one year after running in that I can drop her to Vets which is 16”. Because I want agility to be fun for Maia, I said that I don’t want to jump her at 26″ and Dana’s response was, “You are forbidden to jump her at 26″!” Because of the way that Maia’s body is put together (when she stands straight, there is no bend in her back legs at all) she shouldn’t jump that high because it will put unnecessary pressure on her body. Dana assured me that I don’t have to answer any questions or explain myself to anyone if I choose to put her in Specials; there is no form to fill out or permission slip. I can just put her in that to begin with and drop her to Vets at any point after we qualify. Considering I was watching Seven jump at 26″ today and thinking “oh my goodness we’re going to have to do that???” this is a relief. And I think that we could maybe trial in a Jumpers course sooner than I thought, because it’s just jumps and tunnels and Maia can do those things!

And in something completely different, I have started knitting a blanket. This is my largest project so far and I am excited to watch such a big piece grow.

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