After two and a half weeks off work, I am finally going back today, although only for a two hour meeting. It’s been really nice to have all this time to relax. I didn’t get as much accomplished around the house as I wanted to, but the baseboards upstairs are done except for the hallway which I am going to do today. I’ll still need to do one last coat of paint in the bathroom (which I may do today as well), and paint all the doors because now that the baseboards and door frames are beautifully crisp white, the doors look dingy.

I have been much better at getting things done for the past few days and I attribute it to using my Happy Light again. It’s a light designed to off-set Seasonal Affective Disorder and it’s been working. I have it on in the bathroom while I’m doing my hair and stuff, and while it’s only about ten minutes a day it does seem to be making a difference. It may be a placebo effect but that’s okay too.

Yesterday the battery died in my car and I had to have BCAA come and jump it. I’m taking it in to have a load test done on it today to see if the battery needs to be replaced. Yet another expense that I wasn’t expecting. *sigh*

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